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Fox-3 Strategic Advisors, Inc., is a consulting firm with two specialty areas: Operational Level Warfare for military clients and, Leadership / Strategic Planning for corporate partners.  Previous military clients have included: the Canadian Department of National Defence; NATO's Joint Warfare Centre, Norway; the Canadian Forces College, Toronto; and, the U.S. Navy Postgraduate School, California.



Fox-3 Strategic Advisors, Inc., applies combat proven military tactics and techniques to solve your company's corporate challenges.  This unconventional approach provides the client with a unique, strategic perspective. Previous civilian clients have included: Royal Dutch Shell, The Netherlands; General Electric, New York; Queen's University, Ontario; and, CDP Communications, Markham.



Jay Ballard is an experienced international consultant, speaker and writer.  His areas of expertise include: joint warfare, leadership development, military training, professional military education and strategic planning.  He is a combat tested veteran with a proven record of success in leadership positions and operational execution throughout a 31-year military and consulting career.





Fox-3 Strategic Advisors, Inc., is an agile, international consulting firm based in Queensville, Ontario.  The company focuses on two specialty areas: Operational Level Warfare for military clients; and, Leadership and Strategic Planning for corporate partners.


Jay Ballard is the lead consultant and program manager.  His extensive experience in training and education makes him an ideal fit for a variety of engagement scenarios - especially when you are looking for a unique perspective.


Fox-3 is able to provide one on one coaching, develop and lead seminar engagements or can put together larger teams to provide a more holistic training event for an entire organization.


Fox-3 is currently involved in developing and delivering a new educational program for the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre (CFAWC) - Air Power Operations Course (APOC).  Jay is the featured speaker for three course presentations on air power employment and modern challenges to it.  


Fox-3 remains involved in exercise development and delivery for exercises VIGILANT STAR 17, JOINTEX 17 (Phases II and III) and VIGILANT SHIELD / DETERMINED DRAGON 17.  


Jay was the Joint Time Sensitive Targeting coordinator in Stavanger, Norway for NATO's Trident Juncture 16 exercise last Fall.


To see some of Jay's articles - CLICK HERE or go to the MEDIA page.

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Client Satisfaction

"Jay is an especially positive and effective mentor." - Major, Canadian Forces College


"The report was very concise and well authored!" - CEO, Ontario business


"Jay's delivery style is both dynamic and humorous.  His innovative and educational presentations were very well received by the 350 members of this diverse command with ages ranging from 18 to 50+."  Captain, U.S. Navy


"I especially liked the fact that so many people took such concrete pointers from your presentation to use in their daily activities." Program Manager, Europe


"The parallels between major military campaigns and 'blue chip companies' was very effective."  Civilian Town Official, Ontario

"That was an excellent article!"  An HR Professional, Toronto


"Jay has an exceptional ability to maintain an overview of the strategic and operational situation."  Brig Gen, Swiss Air Force


"Your presentation was right on the mark for our group."  CEO, Everett, Wa.


"Your insight into the Indonesian Tsunami disaster relief was brought to life by your personal stories.  And the lessons learned from the Fukushima and the Phillipines relief operations added great depth to the presentation and provided the audience with great takeaways."  Ambassador (ret.) Canada


"Jay’s session was really inspiring!  His powerful message on leadership techniques was true and down to earth.  I have never experienced anyone that could bring this as strong as Jay did."  Corporate Divison Lead, Europe